There is a world elsewhere

What is true of life is also true of the world of novels.

An effective story world is key to engagement. Create a convincing one, and readers will want to live in the world of your book. They will want to stay there long after the last page is turned and the back cover closed with that final snap. It will remain in their thoughts and subconscious, popping up at odd times, taking them by surprise.

Life is very much the same. Create a buzz around your life, and people will flock. Sometimes, without even knowing why: they just want to be part of another world, one which is separate in some way from reality but close enough to offer them membership. I can think of several people who do this thing really well. They create feel good factor in the way that a good story world does. That’s one of the reasons JK Rowling did so well.

We all want to be part of a world elsewhere.

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