The Day Rome Fell

The day Rome fell,
Hot, blinding, empty.
A thousand years and lives,
Or more.
Yes, so many more.

For who decides on the value of life,
The meaning therin,
The wonder?
Who lives a thousand times,
Over and over,
In an unending circle of boom and bust?

The day Rome fell,
Is happening now,
And forever more.

It was written, so long ago,
And it will repeat,
Rewind, fast-forward,
Unending, unending, unending.

For you are me,
And I am you.
We are one.
Your suffering is mine,
And mine is yours,
Until we are done.

The day Rome fell,
Stone walls, crushing,
Blood, gushing,
White noise above the screams,
Silence to erase what went before.

If I could go back in time,
What would I do?
Could I change the course,
The tide, the inevitable
Could I impart the message,
Before it was released,
Or was it there,
Hidden in plain sight?

For we were the guardians,
Of a treasure so fine,
So sacred.
We were the gate keepers,
And we didn’t know.

The day Rome fell,
That bright August day,
Bathed in such brilliant sun.

If only I could have seen,
I would see it everywhere.
Happening now,
Happening tomorrow,
Happening thousands of years ago.
If only I could go back home,
I’d want to find that time again.

The day Rome fell,
Grey smoke, gritty dust,
Blood in the Tiber,
Cobbled streets, cracked in two.
My heart,
Yours too.

The day Rome fell,
Is happening now,
And forever more.

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