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Screen shot Borderliners in Amazon storeSometime during 2013 I decided to self-publish my first novel, Borderliners.

I may not self-publish everything I write, but I believed it was the right route to market for that particular novel. I came to the decision through a long process of reading up on the industry, following industry professionals’ blogs, Twitter handles, Google + profiles and Facebook pages.

I looked into what happened between the first draft and the publication of the final product and tried to research everything from editing to formatting and cover design. With great glee I read up on digital marketing – something I already do in my day job – and how it was specifically applied to the marketing of books.

My thoughts on publishing

My thoughts on production




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  1. Pat Taylor


    Thanks for paving the way and creating this guide as you go along. You have been a great inspiration to me and helped me in many ways.

  2. Well, we may as well share good practice. I’ll fess up to anything which I’ve found (in retrospect) doesn’t work!

    This publishing lark is quite complex. I’ll be writing a lot more on the subject soon.


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