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Welcome. I’m Kirsten Arcadio, and below is more information about my current and future books.

The Borderliners Trilogy

The Borderliners Trilogy

My current project, The Borderliners Trilogy, is a series of speculative thrillers, each with a different focus. Beginning in a neglected English village with Borderliners, a dark supernatural thriller, the series moves onto adventure thriller, Split Symmetry, a tale of divided loyalties and fractured reality told against the backdrop of a catastrophic earthquake atop the highest peak in central Italy. It’s rounded off by WorldCult, the finale, which follows Elena Lewis through the streets of Rome, the Vatican City and the surrounding area in a quest to stop an age-old prophecy from playing out with catastrophic consequences.

Each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the trilogy. Thematically linked, the novels each fall into a different category within the speculative fiction genre.

More about the books here:

Borderliners (Borderliners #1)

Split Symmetry (Borderliners #2)

WorldCult (Borderliners #3)