Language is music

Do I have a soundtrack to my life? Yes, most definitely, although I’m no music buff. The music I listen to is eclectic – aka undiscerning. Right now I’m listening to an odd combination of Coldplay, New Order and a down-tempo ambient compilation.

But here’s a curious thing: I cannot write without music on. It’s a physical impossibility. Often my best writing springs from music I’ve not heard before. It’s as if my brain reacts to a great new melody by firing on more cylinders.

So that ‘s the music which inspires the writing, but what about the music which lives within it?

Recently I was introduced to the English teaching videos of Philip Beadle. His idea is to get kids into language through music: there’s a beat and cadence to a beautifully punctuated sentence. Yes! And there’s definite rhyme and reason to good writing. If it flows it goes. If I can hear the beat in the language, I know it’s ok.

If I can’t, I edit and re-edit until I can.


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4 Responses to Language is music

  1. simple yet brilliant!!! I never wrote with music until this April’s Camp NaNo… I started simple with Soundscapes, as there was no lyrics to distract me… then I thought, hmmm there are songs that represent my main character, and the life journey she is one… I wonder what they are! Then I found… wonder of all wonders, I could write with that quiet in the background. If I was really into my writing, I didn’t even notice it was playing until I paused to take a moment!

    Music is so wonderful, it speaks the words our souls know, but can’t always find the words to fill… An excellent post!