To what extent are we all ‘Borderliners’?

To what extent are we all ‘Borderliners’?

Borderliners box setWhat if there was something in everybody that crossed the line between reality and imagination, something that spanned timelines and defied explanation?

Who gets to decide when this is a problem, when this stops a person functioning in the ‘real’ world, and what is the real world, anyway?

Split Symmetry:

In the first book of the Borderliners Trilogy, Borderliners, I start small, examining these questions against the backdrop of an isolated and insular English village controlled by power-hungry cult leaders. In book #2, Split Symmetry, I move the same questions out of religious and small-town politics to a wider context of what is reality in scientific terms? What if this, too, wasn’t as we thought?

Finally, in the finale (book #3 out Christmas 2014), WorldCult, I pull all the questions from the first two books together in a race against time against the manifestation of a threat prophesied by Nostradamus five hundred years ago.

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