The philosophy of love

What is love, connection, spirituality? Where does the life of the soul sit underneath these and how does it all stack up under pressure?

These are questions I pose in my stories and my passion for writing springs from the need to look at these, to turn everything we think we know about our lives upside down and apply a different viewpoint to it.

My aim is for the reader to draw their own conclusions. No answers provided, just questions, and with a bit of luck a fast paced page turner to take them into a different world for a while. If they so wish. As with anything, how my stories are perceived sits entirely with the reader.

A few concepts I’m interested in:

  • Entanglement – the idea that we are all connected
  • Choice – how we determine our fate with even the tiniest choices (or do we?)
  • Passion – how this drives us, sometimes even to self-destruction

Is love a combination of these? Or is it something else again, something which perhaps crosses metaphysical boundaries?

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