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Quantum mysticism

What if ghosts were not spirits of the past but a manifestation of another reality?

What if the past is not the past and the future not the future? That all timelines merge into one simultaneous view of space time? Is time what we perceive it to be, or is everything past, present and future happening at once?


Well, even I find it difficult listening to the ideas of ‘Ramtha’ without raising my eyebrows. But where is the line?

Quantum mysticism is one of the areas which lends itself to New Age interpretations. Can it be explored without verging onto the no-man’s land of made up explanations of the supernatural? Some might say this is what many forms of religion do anyway. I’m not saying any such thing, but I find it relevant to throw those questions out there whilst entertaining my readers, of course. Questions, not answers.

Answers have no place in fiction.


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