My top 10 for World Book Night


In honour of #WorldBookNight, here are the authors who have written my favourite books of all time:
1.    Milan Kundera – for the philosophy of identity
2.    Franz Kafka – for the thought provoking symbolism and questions posed regarding morality and the nature of existence.
3.    Michel Faber – for his creation of Isserly, and fantastic build up of atmosphere and suspense
4.    Paulo Coelho – for the ability to use paired down language and universal concepts to connect with a wide range of people.
5.    John Fowles –  for his thriller ‘The Collector’ for his vision of the world as having a double reality and exploration of a psychotic mind, mental ill health.
6.    DH Lawrence – for ‘The Rainbow’ and his depiction of sexual desire and reproduction as a powerful, spiritual and transformative force
7.    Albert Camus – theatre of the absurd, philosophy, the idea of suspending reality and the question of what reality actually is.
8.    Jonathan Franzen – for characterisation
9.    George Orwell for 1984 – for dystopian story world
10.    Margaret Atwood for The Handmaid’s tale – a dystopia which, when applied to some other parts of the world suddenly no longer seems so far-fetched.

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