Split Symmetry

SS-8-3D-Book-Template-2Split Symmetry is a speculative adventure thriller.

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A group of friends, led by Elena Lewis, gets hopelessly lost on a notorious Italian mountain range on the same night the worst earthquake the region has known rocks the mountain. In attempt to get back to base, they unwittingly cross paths with a top secret and dangerous experiment with quantum mechanics. When the mountain cracks and they are thrown into alternate realities, Elena finds that she must face her demons in two subtly different worlds. The question is posed: do our decisions in life define who we become?

Praise for Split Symmetry

‘Not just for speculative fiction enthusiasts, this book is also for purveyors of thrillers, for readers of romance, as well as more serious readers who wish to delve deeper into the hidden meanings of life: what it is to survive and endure, what defines us, how it is to be ruled by fear, to be a slave to the terror of nature, what is feels like to love.’ Review from Awais Khan

‘I was delighted to once again meet Elena (from Borderliners). A group of amateur climbers, assembled by Elena are in Italy, they get inadvertently in the way of a scientific expedition running an experiment in distorting time. All is not as it appears, or will appear, or as it has already appeared.’ Review from Cliona Hammond.

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