The Moon

I travelled through the endless night,

With the high, full moon burning bright.

The path I walked became a river,

And its’ promise made me shiver.

Beckoning me into the depths of the night


It was then that I felt her eyes upon me,

As I sunk on bended knee.

Like diamonds glittering in silence around,

I felt an instinct to follow in me abound.

For release at last from thee


Wolves and maidens danced in the trees,

Encroached on the water’s edge.

I was in, then, up to my knees,

Knowing it was my only chance.

The one way out, my final dance


So I surrendered to the moon and fled,

My boat untethered through water bled.

My instincts now were burning bright,

As I decided to walk in light.

To shun the darkness to which you had me led.

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